Bronze Casting Foundry

Bronze Casting Foundry
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Bronze Casting Foundry

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Bronze Casting Foundry

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Bronze Casting Foundry

We offer Bronze Casting Bronze castings Gunmetal Castings Gunmetal Casting casting facility up to 40 kg’s in weight and Brass castings up to 1meter in length Our sand casting facility is well equipped to tackle any challenging Brass Casting job or Brass Bronze Casting Gun Metal Casting Bronze casting enquiry. CDA 833 CDA 836 CDA 838 CDA 844 CDA 848 CDA 862 CDA 863 CDA 865 CDA 903 CDA 905 CDA 907 CDA 922 CDA 923 CDA 926 CDA 927 CDA 932 CDA 934 CDA 935 CDA 937 CDA 938 CDA 943 CDA 952 CDA 953 CDA 954 CDA 955 CDA 958 bronze casting Alloys india Foundires Casting Bronze casting Foundries. LG! Lg2 Gunmetal casting Bronze alloys leaded Bronze casting

Materials Brass Bronze Gunmetal or Copper Alloy Non ferrous alloys Bronze Copper Casting Casting

Brass or Copper Alloy Bronzes Non ferrous alloys Bronze Copper Castings Casting

  • Brass is 319 type or BS 249 type

  • Any special Brass Material Composition as per customers requirement

Copper Casting Weights

From 10 Grams to 40 kg’s

  • We can offer Copper machined castings casting cast parts

Size Specification or as per custom design or requirement.
Bronze Casting Finish And Coating Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification.

Any kind of special die casting sand gravity die lost wax shell molding castings and cast parts casting produced to user specifications. We can be more competitive than Chinese castings and cast parts made in China Taiwan Asia Korea as traditional Indian expertise in Brass / Copper castings and Brass Copper casting is superior and Indian Brass Copper foundry / foundries are more competitive than other Brass Copper foundries.

We shall be pleased to develop Non-Standard castings Copper Brass casting Copper Bronze Castings as per specific requirements.

Materials Brass / Copper Bronze Gunmetal to BS 2874 / 2872
Finish Copper natural, Electro-Tinned, Nickel etc.

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